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Most main characters undergo a transformation.

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He left behind the final words: "The king's good servant, but God's first. Some biographers, including Ackroyd, have taken a relatively tolerant view of More's campaign against Protestantism by placing his actions within the turbulent religious climate of the time and the threat of deadly catastrophes such as the German Peasants' Revolt which More blamed on Luther, [41] [42] [43] as did many others, such as Erasmus. By this time, More had become treasurer of England's exchequer, but he also served as "Henry's intellectual courtier," secretary and confidant, and, in , he was elected speaker of the House of Commons. He worked eight years as undersheriff and proved himself an impartial judge and able administrator. She was the Spanish princess, Katharine of Aragon, one of the daughters of the Catholic rulers of Spain. By treacherous and dishonest means, Cromwell manipulates the court system, stripping More of his title, wealth, and freedom. And when the English clergy were forced to acknowledge Henry as the supreme head of their church, More attempted to resign his office. To that end, in , he moved to a monastery outside the London city limits and subjected himself to the discipline of the Carthusians, taking part of the monastic life as much as his legal career would allow. Henry purged most clergy who supported the papal stance from senior positions in the church. His plays have been performed throughout the U.

The conference was held at Bruggewith long intervals that More used to visit other Belgian cities. The book was an immediate success with the audience for which More wrote it: the humanists and an elite group of public officials.

He collected books and rare objects, but he gave away his possessions freely as well. More was educated at St Anthony's Schoolthen considered one of London's best schools. Wolsey, for all his brilliance and cunning, could not compete with that influence.

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The resulting demonstration of his learning, invention, and wit established his reputation as one of the foremost humanists.

However, unlike the members of the court, he doesn't have any wealth or status at the beginning of the play.

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Bythe king was in his mid-thirties, and his wife six years older. When More can no longer pay his servants a living wage, the Common Man must find work elsewhere.

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Was More surprised by this speech?

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