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However, even conflictual interests may lead to alliances and treaties with like-minded states against the common rivals or opponents.

Hence it is essential for us to know the meaning and content of National Interest. The aim of foreign policy is to secure the defined goals of national interest by the use of the national power. If some interests carry greater weight than others, it is assumed that the differences will be recognized and accounted for in the policy-making process.

Assuming that he is somehow able to identify all the expressed and unexpressed interests of a society, he must then combine the multiplicity of values into a meaningful whole.

conclusion of national interest

Almost every regime seeks to maximize its national interests by resorting to technique of propaganda. This could abrupt relations with neigbouring Indonesia and other countries that Malaya was having relations with like China.

However, this classification is neither absolute nor complete. What, then, is the national interest?

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Today world public opinion accepts the use of war and other forcible means for the elimination of international terrorism. Nor have the various subjectivist approaches to the national interest been conspicuously successful.

Classification of National Interests: In order to be more precise in examining the interest which a nation seeks to secure, Thomas W. Furthermore, even if this quantitative problem could be overcome, there would remain the qualitative task of accounting for the groups whose interests lack a spokesman for example, future generations, consumers, and repressed minorities.

They make no special effort to explain how and why their descriptions of the national interest are in accord with reality because, for them, the correspondence between their descriptions and the objective situation is self-evident.

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Essay on Levels of National Interest (Revision)