Pros and cons of stand your

If you do not have the option to get away from a potential threat, then the standard self-defense laws typically apply in that situation.

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It does not always cover situations where your life is not threatened. Without the law you have to flee.

The Pinellas County sheriff declined to arrest him because of the stand your ground law.

Pros and cons of stand your ground law

Even if there is a reasonable opportunity for them to do so, the person who feels a real or perceived threat can defend their right to be in a place where they are lawfully present. Antonio Gasparrini, a co-author of the study and an association professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says the reason seems to be a change in the perception of an incident. Even President Obama, who once said that the laws promoted violence, voted to expand the legislation when he was serving as a state senator in Illinois. Stand your ground laws permit the application in public. Stand your ground laws do not increase homicides. Generally, when we think of community security, we think of the police, but the fact of the matter is that there are large numbers of private security officers in this country, and that does not include the many thousands of people who volunteer to provide security for their neighborhoods in the type of community patrols that George Zimmerman captained. Jordan Zimmerman had the right to defend himself without SYG as well.

Although the death of Trayvon Martin has created an ongoing national debate about the morality and use of stand your ground laws, this legislation does allow anyone to prevent themselves from being harmed during the commission of a crime.

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Unfair killings are not part of stand your ground. Law-abiding citizens may need to defend themselves with force when they are away from their "castle. The policy necessitating the threatened person to stop and decide whether or not they are able to retreat farther often failed due to the urgency and intensity of the situations.

It is easy to forget the reasons why the first stand your ground laws were enacted in the first place.

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The focus must remain on the rights and safety of law-abiding people, not the criminals who prey on them. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this tragedy is the apparent failure of the Sanford police department to fully investigate this homicide when it occurred one month ago.

Michael Adams allegedly stabbed year-old Elijah al-Amin in the neck because the hip-hop music made him feel threatened.

Positives and negatives of stand your ground laws

If a law enforcement official feels threatened by the conduct of a suspect they encounter, then their actions of force still receive immunity if it follows the letter of the law. Conclusively, the Stand Your Ground laws are poorly understood, adequately applied in court cases, and purportedly racially biased. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this tragedy is the apparent failure of the Sanford police department to fully investigate this homicide when it occurred one month ago. Zimmerman might have violated the spirit or letter of Florida's "stand your ground" law. Senate in October about the status of stand your ground laws. It causes people to act on their implicit biases. Stand your ground laws allow for the full usage of the fight or flight response. As a result, much, perhaps most, of the patrolling function that we think is fulfilled by professional police officers is now being done by private security employees, volunteer community members and neighborhood watch volunteers.

Adams was charged with first-degree murder for the crime.

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Do the pros of Stand Your Ground laws outweigh the cons?